We? I’d Like to Say a Cutie.

It’s that time of the week! It was this cozy Sunday morning that I felt groovy and quirky. I knew I’d see you today.
I brushed my hair really pretty and placed each strand into their perfect place. A single coat of cherry tint on my lips and I know I’m all set.

There, at the corner, sitting, looking, more like gawking, deep, real deep, at me, was you.


It was always this intense. You never failed to bombard my stomach with tingling sensations every time you’re shooting stares with curiosity. We had this connection that even us couldn’t decipher. Oh, I forgot to mention, let’s not miss the most important detail! You rocked that outfit today. Made you real dashing. Mouth-watering.

You and me… What are we? I’d like to say a cutie, but no, we’re only a “we”, if the “she”, is out of the vicinity.

If only.